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The Australian Reviews Scoundrel Days

Brentley Frazer’s memoir gorges on excess of sex, drugs and violence ROHAN WILSON, The Australian 12:00AM March 11, 2017 Marcel Duchamp once said a painting that doesn’t shock isn’t worth painting. The French artist knew a thing or two about shock, that strange power art has to upset and surprise.…


Australian Book Review ~ Scoundrel Days

Duncan Fardon reviews ‘Scoundrel Days: A memoir’ by Brentley Frazer Brentley Frazer, one of many scoundrels in his memoir Scoundrel Days, documents coming of age on the boundary of civilisation. His father’s vocation as the only policeman in a small northern Queensland mining town subjects Frazer to a chaotic side…


Scoundrel Days Review: The Newtown Review of Books

BRENTLEY FRAZER Scoundrel Days: A memoir. Reviewed by Annette Hughes Scoundrel Days takes the reader into each unfolding moment of Frazer’s getting of wisdom. Brentley Frazer has changed names in this memoir to protect the privacy of particular individuals, but every word of it rings true. Children who grew up…