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Queensland Poetry Festival August 2016

qpf2016-web-banner-03-04QUEENSLAND POETRY FESTIVAL AUGUST 2016 

Come join me at QPF 2016:

MYSTERIOUS WAYS, Friday 26th  1pm-2pm, JWC Shopfront – FREE

Poets work in mysterious ways, not just in their poetry but in their vocations, working not just as poets but as publishers, editors, academics, or all of the above. Join four such poets, Felicity Plunkett, Brentley Frazer, Dr Jeanine Leane and chair Justin Clemens, as they read their work and discuss how they work. Presented in conjunction with the Australian Poets Festival.

THE BIG READ, Friday 26th 3:30pm-4:30pm, JWC Performance Space – FREE

Nine poets, five minutes each. Featuring Bronwyn Lea, Chloe Wilson, Brett Dionysius, Stuart Cooke, Ellen van Neerven, Stuart Barnes, MC Wire, Brentley Frazer, Melissa Lucashenko, Matt Hetherington, and hosted by Toby Fitch.Presented in conjunction with the Australian Poets Festival.

COUPLET (2), Saturday 27th 4:45pm-5:15pm, IMA Screening Room – FREE

A joint poetry reading by Bareknuckle Books founding editors AG Pettet (author of Improvised Dirges) & Brentley Frazer, whose experimental memoir Scoundrel Days is due out with UQP next year. Hosted by Matt Hetherington.

Incidental Notes on Flowers ~ a suite of poems

I composed Incidental Notes on Flowers in late 1997 while living in an abandoned institution previously inhabited by people with intellectual disabilities. The occasional fragment was inspired by the strange graffiti in the communal bathrooms and the odd silences in the hollows. The poems took particular shape one night in November during a violent tropical storm which flooded the ground floor of the building. I sat on a bench in the industrial kitchen, writing by candle light as lightening crashed into the ocean and knee deep water drowned everything I owed in the world.

Four New Poems published by Anti-Heroin Chic (NY, USA)

Four new poems from my forthcoming collection have been published at Anti-heroin Chic.

Anti-Heroin Chic is not really about cool, it’s about the margin-of-error of cool.  As Janis Ian says “If we were inside there, where the light is warm and everybody is laughing and dancing, we wouldn’t be able to see it. We have to be outside in order to see it. That’s what being an artist is.” And that is what Anti-Heroin Chic is about. What we observe through the window.

Forgotten Corpse of Boy, Bloodle, Insomnia Kitten Creeps In and Several Ghosts


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