Brentley Frazer AuthorBrentley Frazer  is a contemporary Australian writer. He holds a MA (writing) from James Cook University and will complete a Ph.D. (creative writing) from Griffith University in 2016. His poems have been published in numerous international magazines, journals, newspapers, anthologies and other periodicals since 1992. He has published five pamphlets and three collections of poems: Fugue (Sabazeos Books, 1996), A Dark Samadhi ~ Poems + Microtexts (PC Press, 2003) and Memories Like Angels at a Ball Tripping Over Their Gowns (Retort Books, 2007). Currently he is Editor-in-chief of open access humanities magazine Bareknuckle Poet Journal of Letters. He lectures and tutors undergraduate students in 20th and 21st century poetry at Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia.

Brentley’s experimental memoir Scoundrel Days is forthcoming from UQP in early 2017

“…one of Australia’s most important Generation X poets.” ~ Professor Nigel Krauth, Head of Creative Writing, School of Humanities, Languages and Social Science, Griffith University

‘Described by Dazed & Confused as a ‘21st century Baudelaire on acid’ Brentley’s unconventionality, radicalism, aggression, schizophrenia, non-adaptability and sublimity with hallucinogenic scenes and pornographic moments, a bizarre mix of elements of neo-symbolism and post-romanticism, wrapped in a form of hypertext prose, finds itself somewhere at the intersection of Burroughs, Breton, Rimbaud, Salinger and Ian Curtis.” ~ Tribuna Magazine



au_grifu-150x150Ph.D. Candidate, Griffith University 2013-2016

Abstract: A creative work consisting of an experimental creative nonfiction novel (literary nonfiction written with a constraint) and an exegesis.

Research Interests: Creative Nonfiction, Experimental Nonfiction, Literary Hybrids, Memoir, Dangerous Writing, Revolutionary Literature, Experimental Literature, English Prime, Poetics, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Techniques of Persuasion, Nonverbal Communication, Semiotics, General Semantics, Minimalism, Post Humanities, Ontology, Hermeneutics, Paralinguistics, The Oulipo, The Outlaw Exegesis.


jcu_logo_rgb_2Master of Arts (Writing) James Cook University

Awarded January 2012
Modern Literature, Creative Writing, Writing for Media, Creative Nonfiction, Metaphor, Creative Work, Exegetical thesis on personal experience as qualitative research.



Publisher/Editor-in-chief Bareknuckle Poet ~ Journal of Letters ISSN 2204-0420 April 2014 – current

Festivals/Guest Appearances

. Guest Artist – AAWP 20th Annual Conference, Dec 2015, Swinburne University, Melbourne.
. Guest Lecturer – Griffith Centre for Cultural Research Annual Symposium, November, 2015
. Guest Artist – Couplet Poetry Series – Brisbane City Square Library, November 2015
. Guest Artists – Howl 60th Anniversary Reading, Avid Reader, Brisbane, October 2015
. Guest Artist – Brisbane Writers Festival, September 2015
. Guest Lecturer – AAWP 19th annual Conference, Wellington N.Z, Dec 2014 

. Guest Artist – Reality Bites Creative Nonfiction Festival October 2014
. Guest Artist – Spoken – Queensland State Library, January 2012
. Guest Artist – Oxfam Bookfest Poets Series,  London July 2009
. Guest Artist – Wellington International Poetry Festival New Zealand 2004
. Guest Artist – National Poetry Festival 2004
. Co Founder – Speed Poets 2003 – 2005
. Guest Artist – Brisbane Writers Festival October 2003
. Guest Artist – Queensland Poetry Festival  1999-2003
. Event Coordinator – The Vision Area, Ric’s Bar, Brisbane 1998-2000
. Guest Artist – National Young Writers Festival 1998
. Guest Artist – Brisbane Fringe Writers Festival 1993-1998