Month: September 2016

Beyond Is: Creative Writing with English Prime Research Paper at Journal of Poetics Research

Beyond Is: Creative Writing with English Prime Research Paper at Journal of Poetics Research

A brief history of a prescriptive English language discipline known as English Prime (E-Prime), a method of writing without use of the copula (the verb to be). Writing in E-Prime requires the author to expose the agent of a sentence and therefore lends itself favourably to other techniques of mimetic storytelling. An examination of my experiments using this constraint for creative writing demonstrates that utilising E-Prime enhances vernacular authenticity, improves clarity, readability and the quality of immersion in a text. The E-Prime constraint offers access to dynamics of language ordinarily subliminal. The little word ‘is’ has its tragedies; it marries and identifies different things with the greatest innocence; and yet no two are ever identical, and if therein lies the charm of wedding them and calling them one, therein too lies the danger. – George Santayana (1955: 71)

English Prime (E-Prime): Writing/speaking in the English language without the copula, i.e. excluding tenses of the verb to be (are, am, is, was, were, be, been and being) and / or their contractions. (Bourland 1989: 203)

Full paper online at Journal of Poetics Research

Bareknuckle Poet Anthology Vol.2 Launch at Brisbane Writers Festival

Bareknuckle Poet Anthology Vol.2 launched at the Brisbane Writers Festival September 09. This is the second volume I have edited for Bareknuckle Books and it contains some of the best writing you’ll read, ever. I’m not kidding. Get yourself a copy – 

BKP ANNUAL 002 2016 1st Edition 2016 Edited by Brentley Frazer & A. G. Pettet. Publisher: BAREKNUCKLE BOOKS. IMPRINT: Bareknuckle Poets. ISSN: 2205 – 7218. PUBLISHED: 09/09/2016. Copyright: Bareknuckle Books & Contributors. Language: English. Extent: 300+ pages. Binding: Perfect-bound Paperback. Interior Ink: Black & white. Dimensions: (inches) 6x 9 – AUTHORS: Hasti Abbasi, Venero Armanno, Mandy Beaumont, John Birmingham, David Ades, John Ashbery, Peter Bakowski, Bill Berkson, Ashley Elizabeth Best, Robbie Coburn, Deborah Conway, Stuart Cooke, Brett Dionysius, Michael Dransfield, Liam Ferney, Cal Freeman, Andrew Galan, Amy Hempel, Matt Hetherington, Rose Hunter, Lachlan Jarrah, John Kinsella, Robert Lort, Sophie MacNeill, Margaret Malone, Ian McBryde, Frank O’Hara, Chuck Palahniuk, Angela Peita, Laura Ellen Scott, Tom Shapcott, Tom Spanbauer, David Stavanger, Mark Terrill, Samuel Wagan Watson, John Wainwright, Ashleigh Watson, Edward Willes, Ouyang Yu + more

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