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Writings Online 

  • Elizabeth Arcadia (poem) New New Zealand Poetry Issue No. 18 November 2016 ISSN 1178-7805 (print) 1178-7813 (online). Published by The Night Press, Wellington, New Zealand. Edited by Mark Pirie
  • Beyond Is ~ Creative Writing with English PrimeJPR Journal of Poetics Research an international, generally peer-reviewed, online journal of research in a wide range of disciplines concerned with the theory and practice of literary discourse in culture, media and the arts broadly conceived, including poetry, prose, journalism, drama, cinema, radio and television, as well as with literary, historical, social, institutional and psychological modes of narrative, theory and contention.
  • Beyond Is ~ Creative Writing with English PrimeTEXT – JOURNAL OF WRITING AND WRITING COURSES An international electronic refereed journal published twice yearly – ERA rank A. April 2016
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  • Anti-heroin Chic – 06/04/2016 – Four New Poems (NY, U.S.A)
  • Writing the Ghost Train: Rewriting, Remaking, Rediscovering A GREENER PASTURE (POEM) Papers – The Refereed Proceedings Of The 20th Conference Of The Australasian Association Of Writing Programs, 2015, Melbourne AUS ISBN 978-0-9807573-9-2
  • Poetry New Zealand Year Book 2 2015 Review of Kulturkampf
  • Poetry PacificAutumn Issue – November 2015 – Five Poems
  • Cordite Poetry Journal Issue 51, August 2015 ~ A Poem ~Tears in the Symphony
  • AntiTHESIS: Volume 24 May 2015ISSN 1030-3839antiTHESIS is a refereed arts and humanities journal published annually in association with the School of Culture and Communication at the University of Melbourne. Prose Aftermath ~ an extract from my autobiographical novel/doctoral thesis.
  • The Otoliths Poetry Journal [web] 1st May 2015  ISSN 1833-623X- Two Poems ~ The Cybernetic Opaque | When Did The Dance End
  • Broadsheet – New New Zealand Poetry [print – online .pdf] Issue 14 November 2014 ISSN 1178-7808  ~ Two Poems  Purple Vertigo | Cigarettes and Tending Orchids
  • Vlak: Contemporary Poetics and the Arts [print] Number 4: pp.124-127 Frazer, B &  Wilde, F 2013  ERA ID – 11504 Litteraria Pragensia: studies in literature and culture. October 2013. Published by Litteraria Pragensia: Prague, London, New York, Melbourne, Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam ISSN 1804-512X ~ ‘Brilliant Future’, Oulipo rework
  • Tribuna Magazine, Slovenia – Poems + review of Brentley’s work
  • LiNQ, Literature in North Queensland, [print] December no. 38 2011 Published by the Department of Humanities, School of Arts and Social Sciences, James Cook University ISSN 0817-458X Two Poems ~ Irukandji Sails | A Cacophony of Grey
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  • nthPosition Poetry Journal Paris, France Five poems ~ Swimming With Bow Legged Women | T-rex TerrariumA sleeper at the station is aflame Part 2 | [from]Perspectives onThe Spectacular Art of Public Suicide | Arson & Adrenalised dove
  • New Aesthetic (India) A Parliament of Owls (Prose poem)
  • Future Welcome: The Moosehead Anthology X, [print] DC Books, Montreal, QC, Canada, 2005 ISBN 1897190069
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  • Rattapallax Magazine Issue 12, [print] Rattapallax Press, New York 2002 ISSN 1521 – 2483

As Publisher/Editor

TRAVEL UNDER ANY STAR COLLECTED STORIES by Venero Armanno Published: 18 November 2016 AVAILABLE: ONLINE NOW Publisher: BAREKNUCKLE BOOKS ISBN: 978-0-9941-861-5-7 Copyright: Bareknuckle Books/Venero Armanno Language: English Pages: 400 Binding: Perfect-bound Paperback Interior Ink: Black & white
Dimensions: (inches) 9 x 6

BAREKNUCKLE POET ANTHOLOGY (PRINT) VOLUME 002 – Edited by Brentley Frazer & A. G. Pettet. Publisher: BAREKNUCKLE BOOKS. IMPRINT: Bareknuckle Poets. ISSN: 2205 – 7218. PUBLISHED: 03/09/2016. Copyright: Bareknuckle Books & Contributors. Language: English. Extent: xxx pages. Binding: Perfect-bound Paperback. Interior Ink: Black & white. Dimensions: (inches) 6x 9

ROCK & ROLL Selected Poems in Five Sets by MARK PIRIE AVAILABLE: September 2016 Publisher: BAREKNUCKLE BOOKS IMPRINT: Bareknuckle Poets ISBN-10: 0994186126 Copyright: Mark Pirie Language: English Pages: 156 Binding: Perfect-bound Paperback Interior Ink: Black & white Weight: 0.8/ lbs. Dimensions: (inches) 4×6

For All The Veronicas~ The Dog Who Staid New Poems 2016 by Andrew Galan, Publisher: BAREKNUCKLE BOOKS, IMPRINT: Bareknuckle Poets, ISBN: 978-0-9941-861-4-0, Copyright: Bareknuckle Books/Andrew Galan 2016, Language: English, Extent: 70, Binding: Perfect-bound Paperback, Interior Ink: Black & white, Weight: 0.07 lbs., Dimensions: (inches) 4 x 6, edited by Brentley Frazer

October 2015 –  BAREKNUCKLE POET ANTHOLOGY (PRINT) VOLUME 001 – Edited by Brentley Frazer & A. G. Pettet. Publisher: BAREKNUCKLE BOOKS. IMPRINT: Bareknuckle Poets. ISSN: 2205 – 7218. PUBLISHED: 03/10/2015. Copyright: Bareknuckle Books & Contributors. Language: English. Extent: 345 pages. Binding: Perfect-bound Paperback. Interior Ink: Black & white. Dimensions: (inches) 6x 9

April 2015 – IMPROVISED DIRGES New & Selected Poems A. G. PETTET ISBN: 978-0-9941861-0-2 PUBLISHED: 24/05/2015 Copyright: A. G. Pettet, Language: English, Extent: 81, Binding: Perfect-bound Paperback, Interior Ink: Black & white, Weight: 0.07 lbs., Dimensions: (inches) 4 x 6 – edited by Brentley Frazer

April 2014 – Current Bareknuckle Poet ~ Journal of Letters ISSN 2204-0420 selected September 2014 by the National Library of Australia PANDORA project, editor-in-chief, Brentley Frazer

2001-2013 Retort Magazine – Journal of New International Art and Literature ISSN 1445-7164 – selected by the National Library of Australia 2003 for the permanent national archive by the PANDORA project which preserves online journals published in Australia for their cultural significance.



Sole Author

  • Scoundrel Days, a nonfiction novel, University of Queensland Press (UQP), March 2017
  • Aboriginal to Nowhere, new poems HeadworX Wellington, NZ, AUGUST 2016
  • Kulturkampf – New & Selected Poems, Bareknuckle Books, 2015 –ISBN-10: 0-99441861-1-8, 13: 978-0-9941861-1-9
  • Memories Like Angels At A Ball Tripping Over Their Gowns, Poems, Two editions, Black Star Books, 2007 [out of print]
  • A Dark Samadhi Second Edition, Black Star Books 2007 [rare/out of print] ISBN 9780975039700
  • A Dark Samadhi, Poems + Microtexts, First Edition, PCPress, 2003 [rare/out of print] ISBN 0975039709
  • Fugue, poems, Sabazeos Books 1996, [out of print/rare] ISBN 10: 0646248596 / ISBN 13: 9780646248592
  • Blood Psalms, poems, La Torre Press 1994, Chapbook.
  • Opera Of Destruction, poems, Homunculus Publications 1992, ISBN 0646091956


  • Frazer, B & F Wilde 2013  ~ ‘Brilliant Future’, Oulipo rework Vlak: Contemporary Poetics and the Arts Number 4: pp.124-127 ERA ID – 11504 Litteraria Pragensia: studies in literature and culture. VLAK editorial collective: Louis Armand, David Vichnar, Edmund Berrigan, Ali Alizadeh, Steven J. Fowlers, Jane Lewty, Stephen Mooney, Olga Pekova, Jeroen Nieuwland, Ewelina Chiu. ISSN 1804-512X. 425pp. Publication date: October 2013. Published by Litteraria Pragensia: Prague, London, New York, Melbourne, Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam.
  • Frazer, B & Wilde, F, Brilliant Future – An Antinovel, Impressed Publications ISBN-10:0975672614 ISBN-13: 978-0975672617 2004

Anthology/Multiple Authors (complete list)

Digital Editions

A Dark Samadhi

Memories Like Angels At A Ball Tripping Over Their Gowns

Tableland Phantoms

The Dead Girl Suite

Major League Philosophy 101

The Book Of Such

Writings published in these notable anthologies, journals, newspapers and other periodicals


Text Journal (Australia)
HeroinChic (U.S.A)
AAWP Writing The Ghost Train (Swinburne University, Australia)


Brisbane Poetry Map (Australia)
Getamungstit (Griffith University, Australia)
Poetry New Zealand 2015 (New Zealand)
Poetry Pacific (Canada)
Antithesis (University of Melbourne, Australia)
Cordite Poetry Journal (Australia)
Otoliths Poetry Journal (Australia)


Broadsheet (New Zealand)
Nth Position Magazine (Paris)


LiNQ (James Cook University Anthology, Australia)
Upstairs at Duroc (Paris)
Vlak Magazine (Prague)
Tribuna Magazine (Slovenia)

2009 ~ 2011

The Australian Reader (Australia)
New Aesthetic (India)
Cordite Poetry Journal (Australia)
Fictionaut (U.S.A)

1996 ~ 2009

The Courier Mail (Australia)
The Age Newspaper (Australia)
The Moosehead Anthology X (Canada)
The Bohemian Aesthetic (U.S.A)
Exquisite Corpse (U.S.A) Issue #10 and #12
Rattapallax Magazine (NYC U.S.A)
In the Criminals Cabinet NthPosition Press (Paris/London)
The Second Wellington International Poetry Festival Anthology (N.Z)
JAAM 21 “Greatest Hits”, An Anthology of Writing 1984-2004 (New Zealand)
Times New Roman – Poets Oppose 21st Century Empire (Paris)
Best Of SpeedPoets 2003 Anthology (Brisbane, Australia)
Short Fuse (NYC U.S.A)
fusebox (NYC U.S.A).
Hutt (Australia)
3AM Magazine (Paris)
nthposition, (London/Paris)
Identity Theory (Chicago USA)
Get Underground (Los Angeles USA)
Big Bridge (San Francisco USA)
Journey into Her published by GU::TEXT::
Jack Magazine (Veruna Beach Calif. U.S.A)
Tiger Magazine (Tokyo Japan)
Paper Tiger Media 2 (Australia)
The Stalking Tongue (Sydney Australia)
Tiger Magazine (TOKYO Japan)
Exquisite Corpse (U.S.A) Issue #10
Subversions (Brisbane Australia)
Paper Tiger Media (Brisbane Australia)
Small Packages Edition #3 (Brisbane Australia)
Ken *Again Literary Magazine (New York USA)
Voices Literary Magazine (USA)
Retort Magazine (Brisbane Australia)
Sidewalk 2, 3, 4, 6 (Adelaide Australia)
Portraits/Life Anthology (USA Society of Poets)
Grim Reapers Harvest ( Australia) PRINT
eCLIPS (Brisbane Australia)
Kangaroo (Armidale NSW Australia)
On the wall (Brisbane Australia)
AnomalyBlvd (NY USA)