Cordite Poetry Journal Issue 51.0

sds-transtasman-bannerVery pleased to have a new poem included in the latest issue of Cordite Poetry Journal.
Issue: 51.0 Transtasman: Edited by Bonny Cassidy
Poem: Tears in The Symphony 1 August 2015

Its material traces comprise island homes, posits of crust, magma, reef and sand within fields of ocean. The oldest known piece of the Earth’s crust, a bit of zircon crystal, was found last year in Western Australia; in March the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Haʻapai volcano created an island at the confluence of the Tasman Sea and South Pacific Ocean. Several poems featured in this issue represent personal or dream accounts of geographies and localities in the physical transtasman nexus. ~Bonny Cassidy
TRANSTASMAN Editorial: Where is it?