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AUTHOR: Brentley Frazer
IMPRINT: HeadworX Poetry Series
ISBN: 978-0-473-46077-8
COPYRIGHT: Brentley Frazer
EXTENT: 42 pages
BINDING: Perfect Bound Paperback
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Frazer, B. (2020). Riding Sharks: new & selected poems. Wellington, N. Z: HeadworX

‘Reading ‘Riding Sharks’ is like taking the longest draw, on the highest tar fag available at the plain package tobacco counter at [insert supermarket of your choice] & you don’t care if it kills you. Because finally, someone sees you. Someone has seen you & the madness & all of the ‘beautiful failures & spectacular despairs’ & they have called it, even though before reading the poems you didn’t even fucking know what ‘it’ was. & somehow after reading the poems you still don’t, but it doesn’t matter, because now you find yourself drowning in a poem for the love of Sinéad O’Connor, ‘with a basket full of sins as the moon falls apart’ before going on to, ‘..die of grief in an uber on the way/home/from where you never went.’ This collection simultaneously loves & is terrified & chimes loudly with the ‘poetry of thunder’ & as I read, I find myself saying yes, yes, yes, over & over & over & I have no idea why.’

ali whitelock, poet: ‘and my heart crumples like a coke can’ & ‘poking seaweed with a stick & running away from the smell.’ 

⌘ Sample poems ⇲ https://brentleyfrazer.academia.edu/research



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