Riding Sharks: new poems

Riding Sharks: new poems (2020)

AUTHOR: Brentley Frazer
IMPRINT: HeadworX Poetry Series
ISBN: 978-0-473-36567-7
COPYRIGHT: Brentley Frazer
EXTENT: 42 pages
BINDING: Perfect Bound Paperback
RRP: $19.95 AUD + $5.00 AUD Postage (Global)

A contemporary Baudelaire on acid, a philosophical hobo, Dali of the written word, interesting for sure, hard hitting, making it new again, a literary hoon, challenging, fascinating, dark/comic/surreal/creepy/ugly and beautiful . . . the critics agree. Brentley Frazer’s poetry occupies its own space in Australian literature. A hybrid of capital-p Poetry, pop song lyrics and postmodern bio-mysticism, the texts in Riding Sharks are consciously transgressive and transliminal, or as Poetry New Zealand put it: ‘This is the work of a 21st Century magician.’ Riding Sharks: new poems by Brentley Frazer. HeadworX, New Zealand 2020