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Broadsheet – New New Zealand Poetry Issue 14

b14coverBroadsheet – New New Zealand Poetry [print – online .pdf] Issue 14 November 2014 ISSN 1178-7808  ~ Two Poems  Purple Vertigo | Cigarettes and Tending Orchids

The latest issue of broadsheet, no.14, November 2014, features the distinguished New Zealand poet Michael Harlow, who has recently read at world poetry festivals in Romania and Nicaragua. In 2014, Harlow published his selected poems Sweeping the Courtyard and a collection of love poems Heart absolutely I can.

The issue of broadsheet is the first journal to feature his prose poetry in New Zealand.

The prose poems are from a work in progress that Harlow is writing. Of these poems, Harlow writes: ‘they are best described as very short prose texts (rather like the French récit—I resist the “flash fiction” definition/category). Closest thing we have to it here is the prose-poem, and I’m happy with that. I like to think of the poème en prose, these texts as an example of the “prose that’s in poetry”—following on from the great Greek poet Seferis, who once remarked words to the effect that “I wish our poets would write poems with more of what our best prose writers have…” Or something like that. Thus far, I’ve only published a few of them in bilingual, translation form, English and Spanish, in overseas journals.’

Others included are: Michael Duffett (USA/UK), award-winning poet Brian Turner, P V Reeves, Laura Solomon, MaryJane Thomson, Nicholas Reid, Edward Sakowski (translated from the Polish by Robert Zuch), Riemke Ensing, Noeline Gannaway, Cameron La Follette (USA), Brentley Frazer (Australia), Michael Walker, Pat White and Mark Young.



Vlak: Contemporary Poetics and the Arts

  • Vlak: Contemporary Poetics and the Arts [print] Number 4: pp.124-127 Frazer, B &  Wilde, F 2013  ERA ID – 11504 Litteraria Pragensia: studies in literature and culture. October 2013. Published by Litteraria Pragensia: Prague, London, New York, Melbourne, Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam ISSN 1804-512X ~ ‘Brilliant Future’, Oulipo rework